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My new Sierra...

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Ok, shes not new....but since i added AAM 4.11 gears its like a new truck! The stock gears were 3.23. Had originaly planned on 3.73 gears but I am glad I did the 4.11 after Darryel at Lloyds showed me some other GM trucks he had done with 4.11 and even some 4.88 gears.

I sold my Superchips programmer and had a guy do a custom tune so it looks like i need to update the speedo is off 15-20 mph :) Also when my GPS hits 75mph my speedo is at 100mph and the truck backs off the power so I am guessing we set the speedo limit at 100mph.

My RPMS at at 2300 at 75mph so it looks like at 80-83mph my rpms should be ok with the Over Drive.

Lloyds DriveTrain in Tucson did the work for me - $653 out the door..he even painted my drums for me.
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Can you smoke the tires now??
Can you smoke the tires now??
Ha Ha...the all important question STB!! Hey Stoner, we want to see some smokey burnout pics NOW !!
Nice! When you update the tune, you can fix the speedo. Just get a tuner that allows you to adjust gear ratio. I installed 4.56's with 35 inch tires and I used the Hypertech speedo calibrator and my speedo is not 1mph different than my GPS.
You'll definitely be happy with new gears. Congrats!!
Can you smoke the tires now??

Hhaha...I havent tried yet...the shop said I should give it a 500 mile break in period. He also mentioned that the truck has a OEM type posi....well not really a posi per se...however he said they tend to break easily. Lockup or lockout something or another,

he was trying to tell me to be kind to my rear end in so many words!
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