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My other daily driver/ weekend racer...

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This was my motivation for getting a full size truck. Gotta tow this lil ol 4 cylinder to the track just in case something breaks....

old setup:

ill have to show the new setup when i get it more done.

Last years personal best was a 12.6 @ 117 in the 1/4 with sparks shooting out from a blown clutch all the way down the track... Im back this year with a Clutch Masters twin disc so that wont be an issue at all.

Mods happening at the moment are a tubular turbo header, bigger wastegate with all vband joints, 3" exhaust w/ cutout, bigger charge pipes, more accommodating intercooler, quite a few little goodies. Fab work/exhaust.jpg

Aiming for an 11.500-11.999 in the 1/4 since thats as fast as I can legally go, and I refuse to cage it since I have to do a 6 point minimum. I daily drive it too much to do that. I dont want to climb over bars to get in. hope to have it wrapped up by the end of july since im missing all the nice weather.

Any questions or more in depth, feel free to ask.
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Is that the factory 2.2Ecotec block i see or a quad4 (2.4L)?? since you didnt list and specifics.. and what kind of boost are you pushing? And how in the ______ do you keep traction in a FWD running fairly narrow tires?? Next is do you have custom CV axles? I know the factory ones tend to not like much more than 13s with out blowing up. And what kind of fuel (race 110octane or just 91 street fuel)?? Also what accessories are you running on the motor (ie: A/C etc) and what are still functioning??? Alright ill be good now. Im a huge drag race fan, and far prefer american muscle car style, but today if just some of the power adders trickle down to the OEM, on a 4cyl that will make for more power, and if they can get the economy still think about it, a cruze that gets 40mpg and can run mid to low 13s on the track. Im just saying LOL.... i like the idea of an odd motor rather than running traditional stuff.
1 - 1 of 27 Posts
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