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My other daily driver/ weekend racer...

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This was my motivation for getting a full size truck. Gotta tow this lil ol 4 cylinder to the track just in case something breaks....

old setup:

ill have to show the new setup when i get it more done.

Last years personal best was a 12.6 @ 117 in the 1/4 with sparks shooting out from a blown clutch all the way down the track... Im back this year with a Clutch Masters twin disc so that wont be an issue at all.

Mods happening at the moment are a tubular turbo header, bigger wastegate with all vband joints, 3" exhaust w/ cutout, bigger charge pipes, more accommodating intercooler, quite a few little goodies. Fab work/exhaust.jpg

Aiming for an 11.500-11.999 in the 1/4 since thats as fast as I can legally go, and I refuse to cage it since I have to do a 6 point minimum. I daily drive it too much to do that. I dont want to climb over bars to get in. hope to have it wrapped up by the end of july since im missing all the nice weather.

Any questions or more in depth, feel free to ask.
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That's pretty respectable for a 4 banger. Are you sure about the et break & the cage? It used to be a 4 point roll bar was required for 11.99 & quicker (a full hoop with a rear bar & the 4th coming down at a 45 between the drivers seat & the door)
Thanks Vin, that's interesting. That's the first time I can remember NHRA ever relaxing the safety rules. Usually they go the other way, but like you say if it was to make more money on the certifications.
I also noticed they reduced the diameter. It used to be 2"
No worries Vin, the aluminum tank will dissipate the heat a lot better than the plastic one did. Don't ever touch it when it's hot or you'll see how well it does absorb the heat from the coolant & dissipate it to the outside. That's a long list of mods you're looking at. There's almost enough there to build another separate car.
1 - 3 of 27 Posts
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