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My simple suburban

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Just a few pics of my Suburban. 1998 C1500 with 181,000 miles. Pretty much stock although there's a ton I'd like to do if I had the cash but the Military just doesn't pay enough :) All I've really done is got new tires/rims, Volant intake, dual exhaust with glasspacks and taken pretty good care of it. Nothing special but she's paid for, hasn't failed me yet and I love the girl.


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NICE CLEAN TRUCK- looks like my 1998 except for the two tone-mine is all white.

They are great vehicles-my 216,400 mile(bought 4 years ago 195,000 miles-$2950) gets 20 mpg on pure hy trips(I drive like an oldster-60yo.
There is an awful lot to be said for "PAID FOR"-
Besides older trucks have had everything fixed that is going to break.If they had a bad OEM part it has probably broken and been replaced by a better part- like the current intake mainifold gaskets.
PS Not that I would object to having a nice new 2011 Suburban!!
Thye body and the paint look like new!!
Did you buy it used or new?
Where did it live its life to look so good.
I've noticed most Suburbans for the MW and NE look pretty beat up-road rust, bad paint-
How did you manage to keep it looking so good?
Mine looks decent- few dents from PO- but my paint isn't that glossy and perfect.
Looks great, so whatever you are doing works.
I think the paint jobs on GMs took a big step up in quality the mid 90's.
Earlier GMs commonly have those big patches of missing paint.
The late 90's generally look good if the owner does his part-AND IF THEY DON'T LIVE IN THE RUST/SALT/SNOW BELT.

1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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