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My truck doesn't get fuel ~ throttle body issue

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I have an 88 c2500 scottsdale, 2x4, 350, 5-speed. It does not always get fuel to the throttle body, but it does occationally. When it does it runs like new. It has a new pump and filter. The pump runs when i turn the key but fuel doesn't spray into the intake. I disconnected the fuel line from the throttle body and trust me, ther is fuel in the lines. the truck has left me stranded many times. What could be wrong?
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Welcome to the G M T C ! You will probably get more help on the "Power Train" forum. Good luck!
Welcome to the club. Could be plugged/dirty injectors. Also check your fuel pressure.
there is pressure. when i turned the key while the line was disconected,it sprayed lots of fuel. whats are the chances of there being an electrical problem?
Welcome to the club
I have had a lot of TBI issues with my '91 Sub, but mainly with not starting. My parents owned it previously, and for a while it would die while my Mom was driving it. It would be running along great, and die...15 or so minutes later, it would start. She would drive it for a while, and it would die...And so on. Turns out it was the computer. Had it replaced, and runs fine.

Now, it occasionally won't start. I still have not been able to figure it out, but it seems to be in relation to the level of fuel in the tank (under 1/4 tank). Start by checking out all of my started threads on the issue. Maybe there is something that can help you.

Good luck!
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