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Navigation Install

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I just hooked up a Navigation Unit on my 07 SIlverad (LTZ Package, RSE, Bose Sound you name it I got it). Installation went fine. Had to take to dealer to get system programmed. I now have no OnStar or XM. Any help I could get would greatly be appreciated. Part #on Nav unit is 15940102.

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Got it off Ebay. Its is out of a Yukon. I have had it in to 3 dealers to have it reprogrammed and its operational except for no Onstar or Xm. Was told by 1 dealer that this particular radio doesn't come with those features? I am at wits ends as to what to do. There is no manufactur label on it, just a serial and reference #. Per listing on ebay it is a GM model#15940102.
I have a 07 silverado. I bought a pioneer avic 3 navigation and dvd system. I had to purchase a special adapter for the onstar to work. If i remember correctly it was about $60.00. I bought it at circuit city. I did have a little trouble finding it but I think it was becauise the truck was too new so their wasnt any accesories for the silverado yet.
you may have to get a different wire harness in order to made it work i am looking into this right now i will let you know when i have the answer
Nav Unit

Well after almost a month, I finally got my Nav Unit working. I can't put my finger on what was wrong. I honestly beleive the 1st unit was programmed wrong by a inexperince technician at the dealership. Received replacement unit went to dealership and a seasoned technician actually allowed me to watch him program it. It was actually a simple process that takes no more than 15 minutes. The ironic thing is there is a GM website that all you have to due is inpute your VIN and select the GM model # and it will tell you which items need to be checked for the proper programming.

Sorry about the long post but I am excited. I also wired up a LocPic from CoastalTech. It works great. Now my wife can have something to due when we travel. This way I can appreciate my SILVERADO.

B4 I go I would like to say thanks to all who replied. And a word of advise for all:

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