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NBS Headlight ... GM fail.

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Alright kinfolk,

We've had our 2003 Duramax for about 7 months now, and the headlights are KILLING me. I replaced the worn out and foggy factory lamps a while back with some Ebay special clear/black housing lights, and the output is absolutely terrible on them. From what I've seen, though, the output on the lights on this body style just sucked in general.

Personally, I can't get the headlights to adjust up enough to even get what little light they put out down the road. I'm tired of having to play the "drive 70 and just hope nothing jumps in front of me" game when I can't have the highs on (which btw aren't all the great themselves. they're pointed up enough, but the light just doesn't seem to be getting out of the assembly)

I am going against everything I know and debating on putting HIDs in the reflector housings, regardless of scatter (sorry if you're driving the other direction) OR trying to find a set of projector headlights that have great output, despite the ugly bug-eye look i personally think they give our trucks.

Does anyone have some input on this issue? I've searched around but pretty much nothing I found has answered my calling.
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