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NBS99-07C Silverado/Sierra Full Husky Liner Set FS

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Looking to sell the set of Husky Liner floor mats I had in my 05. Unfortunately, they won't transfer over to my NBS 07.

These mats are literally like brand new. The driver's mat does show a tiny amount of scratching/scuffing where my feet normally rested but it wipes down and cleans up to look like new again. All the other mats are like new condition. These mats were only in my truck for about 5 months. These are the traditional style Husky Liners as well. Not carpet or the new flexible rubber. These are the firm, moulded to fit, liner style. Best mat on the market IMO.

According to the mfg's web site these fit( it is up to YOU to verify fittment - these came out of an 05 Silverado 1500 )...

99(NBS) - 2007 Classic Silverado's & Sierra's
Extended Cab
1500, 2500, & 3500


Part# 3130( Black ) - driver's & passenger's side mats.

Center Hump( Front ):
Part# 8224( Black ) - fits auto trans, push button t-case 4WD models, only. Will NOT work with a stick or if you have a floor mounted t-case lever( 4WD models ).

Part# 6136( Black ) - 2 piece but once installed covers like a 1 piece. For models WITHOUT underseat storage compartment ONLY!. These mats effectivly cover the entire floor. Both the foot area in front of the seat as well as all the space underneath the seat. Like a cargo area mat for an SUV. When you fold your rear seat up the entire floor area is covered by these mats.

Current average retail for these mats runs...

Front Liner Set - $60-$75
Rear Liner Set - $60-$75
Center Hump Liner - $45-$55

I paid $150 for the complete set. I am looking for $125 shipped( insurance extra if you want it )or if someone local( NH/ME/MA )wants to meet and pick them up I will knock $15 off the price. Serious inquiries only please. I am not taking $50 for them. It is $125 including shipping( I also have to buy a box too keep in mind )firm.
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Just FYI- You can find these for $125-150 new. I think you're a tad high here. You'd probably move 'em for $75 or so. Good luck w/your sale.
Just FYI- You can find these for $125-150 new. I think you're a tad high here. You'd probably move 'em for $75 or so. Good luck w/your sale.

As I said I paid $150 for the set. They are like brand new still so the price I asked was fair. Keep in mind it included shipping as well which as it turns out with a box ran me $22.

Sold them for what I was asking anwyay. I would have thrown them out before selling them at such a loss( ie; $75 ). Thanks for the suggestion and the spirit it was intended in however.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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