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Need Help!!! Engine won't start.

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Hey guys I have I problem that I'm 95% sure of what it is. Just wanted some input/help. 07 silverado classic w/ 34k miles. Just put in the new pcm from Wheatley. 1st - unhooked battery, then removed stock pcm. 2nd - installed new pcm correctly. 3rd - Hooked battery back up. Went to start engine and IT WILL NOT START.:grrrrrr: So my question is, is it the stock security system thats preventing me from starting the engine??? Or did I eff up somewhere else. If so, how do I disable the dang thing. I unhooked battery for 10 min, then tried it again - nothing. Left it unhooked for another 45 min. - nothing.

Don't know if it matters or not, but I do have an aftermarket alarm/remote start installed on it. But unhooked alarm prior to install.
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Sure enough, I had to do a security relearn. Don't know why I didn't think about that. Thanks for your help silveradotrailblazer.
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