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Need Help!!! Engine won't start.

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Hey guys I have I problem that I'm 95% sure of what it is. Just wanted some input/help. 07 silverado classic w/ 34k miles. Just put in the new pcm from Wheatley. 1st - unhooked battery, then removed stock pcm. 2nd - installed new pcm correctly. 3rd - Hooked battery back up. Went to start engine and IT WILL NOT START.:grrrrrr: So my question is, is it the stock security system thats preventing me from starting the engine??? Or did I eff up somewhere else. If so, how do I disable the dang thing. I unhooked battery for 10 min, then tried it again - nothing. Left it unhooked for another 45 min. - nothing.

Don't know if it matters or not, but I do have an aftermarket alarm/remote start installed on it. But unhooked alarm prior to install.
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Is it your factory pcm that you sent to Wheatly or did he send you one of his? If you still have your factory pcm try putting it back in and see if the truck starts. I know theres a relearn process when you use a differant pcm othe than the factory pcm.
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