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thanks for the answer

I know that the ignition should stay firmly but can there be somewhere else the position might change. When it stopped last summer the position was completely wrong but the mecguy said the chain was OK. I have not yet changed the distributor it is still made in china but it has been good for many miles
The ignition position should not change. You could have a timing chain problem that skipped a tooth or your distributor is bad. Backfire thru the exhaust means the timing is off.

Now there is something from Hell again

I went to Lappland for skiing and myGMC worked properly for 600 miles and skiing was fun really fun
The car stayed for some days in the garage and when I started again the ignition was not good. I got it started and moved the car out and some hour later again in the garage
But some days later I was going to town but hard to start and some explosin with terrible mess

I mowed it inside and outside on the ground I found pieces from the starter so now I have a brooken starter and a GMC that has some big problem with the ignition

What is going on is the motor caput
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