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Need help with 07 Yukon headlight replacement

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Hello all, I'm new to this site. Recently purchased a used '07 Yukon and want to upgrade the headlights to Silver Star. I'm not sure on the replacement procedure, owners manual is no help, and headlight assembly looks mighty expensive to replace. Any help would be much appreciated.
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your correct i just looked at the manual myself it is a piece of crap ..there is no page on how to replace the bulbs only 3 pages on how to aim them!

you dont need to replace the whole housing they unscrew from the back and pop out . you may have to figure out how the housing would come off if there is no room in the back to slide a hand in and unscrew the detainer that holds the bulb..
hope this helps
Just helped a buddy replace the drl bulb on his 06 Silverado. I had to remove the headlamp to get to the lower lamp. There was a L shaped steel pin at the top of the headlamp assembly. Pull the pin and the headlight assembly lifts out. You can then reach the headlamp socket. Disconnect the wiring harness and just depress the retaining clip and twist the socket to remove it.

I imagine the Yukon might be similar.
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