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Need Help With Accessories

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Need Help With Modifications

Hey all,

I recently purchased my 2008 GMC Sierra 1500 Extended Cab 4dr 2wd last week and I want to start making it my truck.

This is my first vehicle and I am going for the lifted/off road look and I honestly don't know what to look for.

So, I would appreciate ANY recommendations, feedback, tips, tricks, etc. Here's what I need help in:

Lift Kit/tires/etc.
-6" or 7.5" lift kit? (Brand? Special kits? Leveling Kits? Suspension? What is this is hear about Blocks in the Rear? Do I need Blocks?)
-What size tires for the above lift kit?


I want HID's w/Angel Eyes ring and possibly blacked out but do I need an entire headlight kit? Or can I just get the bulbs? Recommendations for Headlights?

Tail lights
I want blacked out tail lights but not all the way blacked out. Holes for the lights and black around i guess?

FlowMaster or Mangaflow? I want Dual exhaust for sure. Any Recommendations?

I want some nice quality sound and not the "over the top trunk rattling bass." I find that annoying. I would like some bass but not too much. Any recommendations on what I would need exactly for this? Because I have absolutely no clue regarding sound lol.

Custom Air Intake
What does it do? And if it is suggested, any recommendations?

Performance chips
What do they do?

Well, that's about it! Thanks in advance guys and I'll post pics of my truck soon!
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Personal preference as far as what brand to go with. Both my trucks have off brand eBay CAI and both have given good results. The purpose of the CAI is to allow more, cooler air into the engine, increasing performance and fuel mileage.

Again, personal preference is the ruler. Most people say Flowmaster is the way to go. I like flowmaster too, but I'm not one to say its the best just because I like them. The best thing to do is to get on youtube and listen to videos of other trucks like yours with different exhausts to see what you like.

Mine are some eBay knockoffs. Most people like DDMtuning and other sites like that. Get a quality kit, my ballast are giving me some trouble firing, but still working good.

I have all Kenwood door speakers and tweeters. I have a Pioneer dvd player. I had a Kenwood head unit, but wanted a dvd player, so I put the Kenwood in my wife's car. But go with name brand stuff, last thing you want is to have to listen to a busted speaker of sub.

The other stuff I'll leave to guys with more experience in those areas.
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