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need help with clutch interchange for 5.7 and 7.4 vortec engines

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long time viewer of this forum, but very rare poster. so here is the story...

I have an old work truck (98 3/4ton 4x4 5.7L vortec) that recently spun a rod followed by a chunk out of the side of the block. while looking for a replacement engine I happened to come across a complete engine pull of a 7.4L vortec w/ computer and wiring harness. I know that re-powering a computer controlled vehicle isn't advised, but for $600 I felt is was worth the try so i purchased it (reman small blocks started at $1400). Since my truck is a manual transmission I was under the assumption that clutch should be the same in both 5.7L and 7.4L, but as I double check compatability with parts I notice that the 7.4L and 6.5 diesel have a different part number for the clutch than the 5.7L. The current clutch in the truck has less than 1000 miles as well as a lot of my blood, sweat, and swear words.... So does anyone out there know if the current clutch will work? or am I just going to have to eat it and buy another $200 clutch set.

Any advise or words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated.
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