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Need Help With Door

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hey guys, i got a 1997 GMC Serria 2 door Ext cab, and the driver door seems to be falling off, its very hard to close and when you open it, you can watch the door fall a little. I was told to change the hinges, I was hoping someone on here could give me some tips on doing this.

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that sounds like it might be the hinge pins, but i could be wrong. when you open the door can you move it up and down?
this sounds like a very common door issue. napa / autozone or any auto parts house sell a door hinge repair kit. one is a pin replacement, but i get the set with the brass bushings. take a sharpie pin and draw around the door hinge and then remove the door and drill the old hinge and install bushing and new pin and reinstall door. 1st door will take 1-5 hours---the second will be 1 hour. i have done many and this is not too hard....mike
FireMan, yes the door moves up and down quite a bit.

Mike, thanks, it doesn't sound so bad.

Thanks for your help,

btw, we just got a 07 sierra, and omg PIMP :happy:
Door Hinges are spot welded to the door

Open the door then look at the hinge and lift up on door you should be able the see where its loose. its probably the spot welds holding the hinge to the door. Most body shops will drill this out and a nut and bolt to hold it together. I had the same problem on a 1992 Z71 and a 1996 Tahoe.
Check the hinge pins as described. Thats the simple fix. If it is the hinge plates the welds have likely broken. This happened to my 06 twice. The second time the dealershiip welded a bead all the way around the plates. Now at 96k miles the door is starting to sag again, but I'm trading out to a new truck so I guess it is someone else's problem. btw, if you let it go too long the door will start to pinch the front fender and then the bill at the body shop goes up exponentially. This is the damage done on my 06.
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