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Need help with seats for a 95 Sierra

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Hi all:

New to the site and I'm looking for some info. I have a 95 Sierra extended cab 4X and need to find either a replacement drivers seat or a shop that can repair the frame. (Truck has 275,000 on it...SOMETHING had to go bad eventually!)

Anyway, the drivers seat back frame was a tad weak when I bought the truck is '01 with 114K, and I'm waiting for the day that I hit the gas and the seat makes me look like a low rider...

Any suggestions? Recycle yards have been no luck, so I'm looking for new, used or repair.

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Most van custom shops have everything from replacement seats to the tracks. Not sure about repairing the seat itself and being I am just half awake I may have read that wrong.
The frame of the bottom seat cushion on my burb had a crack developing when I purchased it a few years ago. (The power seat motor was dragging too.) It steadily got worse until I was doing the lowrider look. I scanned craigslist and came across a guy parting out a 94 and I picked up the whole drivers seat for $20 bucks. I swapped out the motor and bottom seat cushion and I was back in biz. My seats are fabric and the donor was leather that was sporting a few tears. I'll have a crack at swapping the fabric cover onto the seat when the weather gets warmer.
Thanks for the replies, sorry for the delay...been off awhile. No luck on yards or finding a shop anywhere in the Mid-Atlantic yet...(MD) ...amazing.

So far I've found a place in Ohio that seems the best bet...but still looking!
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