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Need help with ways to lift the rear of my truck!

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I have a 2001 Chevy Silverado 1500 with a 6inch Skyjacker suspension lift on the truck but want to put torsion bar keys in the front and make it a little taller but I cant find anything to lift the rear up. I already have Add-a-Leafs on it and 5 inch Axle blocks that came with the lift. Is there anything else I can put on it to bring the rear up 2 inchs or more?
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when lifting any vehicle more then a couple of inches axles all must be correctly aligned...axles need to be lenthened, axle u joints/cv joints need be straight.. changing high to your liking is an expensive change. done properly it is do able...done wrong your not going very far ...

other items brake lines, sensor wires suspension components...
Why would axles need to be lengthened as part of a lift? His truck doesn't have axle u-joints. Even if it did, they wouldn't be affected by any amount of lift.
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