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I have a 2008 Chevy Suburban 1500, 5.3L LT (no air ride). I decided to put a lift on my truck, and here is my setup.

RC 3.5" Lift
3.5" shock spacers
Transaxle bracket mounts(came with kit)
KYB stock coilovers
MOOG Upper CA's w/offset ball joint
Skyjacker 4" Lift knuckles
MOOG tie rod ends 1.5" cut off
18" Fuel Wheels w/-13 offset
Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac tires 285/60 R18

The rear is just the RC lift kit (spring spacers, shock extenders, sway bar extended links) adjustable track bar, new springs, new KYB Mono shocks.

I chose the Skyjacker lift knuckles to button up my geometry, so all angles are relative to stock. I chose the KYB coilovers to maintain some ride comfort.

The issue I am having, is that the 3.5" lift kit from RC came with upper CA's that did not work. The truck would not align at all. The offset ball joint would not fit in the RC upper CA's because the cup was too deep. With the MOOG stock upper CA and off set ball joint, the rig aligns perfectly, however, the front end is now at stock rake again. Without the offset ball joint it sits right where it is supposed to sit.

I contacted Skyjacker and asked what I could do, and I got no reply. I am trying to figure out what to do here. I was trying to find aftermarket CA's; I do not know which ones to get that would fix the issue, and still allow the truck to be aligned properly. Better yet if there is another fix that I should do that isn't going to cost another arm and a leg to do.

Any help would be appreciative.

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