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Need more MPG!!!!

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I have an 05 Chevy 1500HD with 6.0L engine. I have a 3in body lift with 33s and flowmaster exaust. It has a poor alignment, I will soon to be getting new more street radial 33 tires with a new alignment. On average i am getting 10mpg... A freind of mine had suggested getting a k&n cold air intake, throttle body spacer, and programmer. Was wondering how much this will help me? And any other suggestions to help out on my mpg? :sign0144:
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By smoke and mirrors he means it's a lie (like a magician who uses smoke and mirrors). Also are you calculating your MPG straight from the trip. If so it's not going to read right with those 33's. I went from a 16" rim to a 20" rim, overall they were about 3" taller, I have to add about 30 miles for every 300 I drive. I'm not exactly sure how to tell you to do this, I figured mine out with a bit of math knowledge and some deductive reasoning... And a gps.... I have seen somebody with an equation on how to do this somewhere around here.
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