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Nevada Edition or SLE edition

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I was looking at a Sierra Nevada Edition equipped with the 4.8 engine and an SLE edition equipped with the 5.3. Price difference is $4000 to move up to the SLE edition. Which would be the better choice? Thanks. Most of my driving is done in the city with stop and go traffic and little towing.
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I have the Nevada, while I love the truck sometimes I wish i had the 5.3. Though 99.99% of the time i'm more then happy with my 4.8 just wish I had the V4 shut down feature for all my highway driving. Thats my only gripe. I choose to not spend the extra 4 g's and use it towards payments instead haha.
haha yeah jd4 we pretty much live down the street from each other based on this forums geographical diversity. And although as I said I'm more then happy with the truck, don't get me wrong if money wasn't a huge issue and I was doing it again. I'd get the 5.3 forsure , it was just the extra $80-$90 the 5.3 was going to add to my finance per month that kept me from getting it.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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