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New addition to the family

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hey guys my and my girl sold her car and ended up order a brand new f150 svt raptor she got the 6.2L with the nav system in it. sorry its the only pic i could get since i was leaven for work. tell me what you guys think.


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i would never give up my chevy for it both of our familys has been chevy owners for as long as i can remeber i just cant wait to get it out in the flats and try it out.
Wanna race rofl Kidding, they are bad little truck and do well off road. Congrats brother!!!!!!!!!

Chevy needs to come out with a Silvy to give the Raptor a run for its money and use the 6.2L in it
LOL ill race you even if i lose. I think chevy is going to have to go with the new engine they are dropping in the z28 and a complete over haul in compation shocks for them to even think about beating it for put alot of time in this vechial and it shows by the looks ride and peromance gm got alot of work if they even want to think about running there zr2 concept
I agree 100% Sir, GM is hurting in the performance division, just a matter of time before they get on the right path. Think once they get good and settled after that buy out crap they will be starting back up, fingers crossed
I'm keeping my fingers crossed as well but will im waiting for it to start back up im going to enjoy the raptor
LOL right on!!!! keep us posted on any mods you do or plan on doing to it
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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