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Your Own Blog on GMTC - New Blogs

You now have your own blog on GMTC.

Use your blog to talk about your life.
Use your blog to talk about your ride.

It's yours to use and talk about things that no one else can hijack!

If you hadn't noticed we have a new Blog feature on the website. There will be some minor tweaks to it over the next few weeks, but it's pretty stable for now.

To get things started off, I figured I would offer up some free GMTC club window stickers to the members that 1) post the most number of good blog postings, 2) the most number of comments, 3) the best overall blog posting.

Just a little informal contest that we'll run for a couple of weeks. More details to come.
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Holy smokes Steve, I see you have a head start with 7. Good job! You win the first GMTC sticker LOL
Looks like we're off to a good start, leaving this thing wide open for someone to come in and take over and win a club sticker.

If you haven't been to the blogs yet, take a look.
pretty cool. This will be a good way for people to chronical the work they have done to vehicles... I'm trying to get mine up to speed...
Gonna be an easy contest for everyone! :rofl:
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