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New Blower on 99 Sub

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I just got done modifying a blower that came off of my boat and tried it on my 99 sub and I have to say that it definitely worked. The first time I floored it my tires started smoking and then snap bang bang bang, I snapped my brand new brute u-joint at the rear axle. I have never snapped on of these u-joint before. I had to limp home on the front axle. Now my wife is taking my head off about yet another repair. The first time I started the truck I had way to much boost, it blew the pvc hose right off, had to tone it down and finally with a little tweaking finally got it right. About 8 psi boost at wide open throttle. If anyone wants to do the same and I'll give you the make. Lets put it this way, I was a non believer when my friend suggested it, and electric supercharger, mind you that mine fed 2 ford 302's for a marine app.
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I'd like the details. I have been wanting to add a SC to mine, but will probably wait till it needs a rebuild. Don't want to add too much to a tired engine.
It is an electric blower motor designed to force air into the dual chevy engine compartment. The motor is available at most marinas. It is a 20hp 12v blower. I run a dual battery and high amp alt and still puts a huge drain on at idle. Just remove the air cleaner box and make a bracket to support the motor. Obviously put the exhaust end towards the intake and then find a way to connect them. I used a 4" connector off of my boats exhaust and then run a 4" pipe down the inner fender under the bumper and then I just used two zip ties to hold my k&N filter and then just slide the pipe into the filter and there you have it. The only thing left is to decide whether you want to put it on a switch or hook it into a switched 12v source. I will try to get the name brand of the blower for you. I can't read it on mine but it was oe on my boat.
is there anyway you can get pics? sounds pretty cool... is it really that much of a difference?
What did you do to fatten the fuel curve? High capacity fuel pump, bigger injectors, and a fuel control unit? I'm guessing that adding more air without more fuel would cause a lean condition that the PCM wouldn't be able to cope with. Is the 'blower' on constant and if not how does airflow bypass the blower when not in use?
I am going to first say that you are one crazy S.O.B. :surprised: That being said, you were quite creative to mod that blower to work in your truck. I would have to agree with unplugged, you should have made a crazy lean condition. I would have probably gotten a slightly smaller blower, considering that one is designed to feed 2 Ford 302s, not one Chevy 350, or at least a lot more motor than you're trying to feed it with. I'd like to put a turbo or super on my truck, but that's pretty low on my list... As other people have said PICS PLEASE :great: :yipi:
I have 99 GMC suburban K1500 SLT.Can you recommend any aftermarket performance enhancing items that you have added to yours?I have K&n cold air intake but from what I read it is not the best to have.
WOW!! Now thats some real thinking i have to hand it to you ! dont have to worry about heat or an intercooler or preigniition problems as with most turbos and you got the boost right in the ballpark are you looking into remapping your computer or having a chip made for it to get your fuel air mix and timing all in synk that is a must do ha ha chain those heads down brother sounds like you have created a monster
That sounds crazy! but cooler than hell!
ha a day late

woe i didnt see how old this thread was it just caught my eye and i started writing !!! hey if your stil out there tell us the rest of the story you cant leave us hanging fill us in on the do'es and dont's and the final results ! i was walking out the door with my wifes vacume heading for the truck till she smacked me over the head with a broom and told me to put her porshe of suckdom back in its garage woman and there vacumes whats up with that ! paid to much for it anyway i could have put it to good use for a higher purpose ha ha lighting up my 7.4 and turning my rear axles into pretzels! oh well let us know
nice set up ! what do you have under the hood the 5.7 how do yo like the superchargerand did you do any mods or did it bolt right up and run with it ! i heard or read i think it was performance or pro chargers that they were at a point were they were pretty much a plug and play deal few if any mods involved on the fuel enjected and carb'ed models and thats a turbo with air cooled intercooler for harleys i cvan imagian whats out there for trucks was going to turbo my 91 S-10 4.3 like the monsoon and cyclone they built around that time but they still had'nt progressed to a everday driver but look out mama im coming home fast reliability still might do it beef up the drivetrain and tranny it would be a fun truck and a sleeper
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