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New electronic fuel pump making noise and running constantly [Expired Topic]

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Hi everybody,

My new electronic fuel pump is making noise, and is running constantly is this normal?

I thought that the fuel pump stops when the line is pressured.

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Yes it is supposed to stop after it reaches pressure. If it isn’t the pressure regulator may be gone, or its never building up enough pressure, doubtful.
If it continues to keep running it will burn itself up real quick.
The fuel pump should run for 2 seconds when the key is turned on then shut off. when the engine is running, the fuel pump should run constantly. if it doesn't, the engine will stall immediately. If you replaced the pump and did not put any gas in the tank, but cycled the pump to see if it works, then it will be noisy. It should make a very faint hum with fuel in the tank. if it is noisy with fuel in the tank, then the pump you bought is bad. New parts arent always good parts.
It’s not a pleasant job replacing that thing; it’s located in the fuel tank. :(
I hope that it’s not a bad one.
Where is the pressure regulator located?
Depends on what year and engine. If it is a TBI the regulator is on the throttle body. If it is a 96-99 vortec it is in the plenum and if it is a newer 4.8-6.0 it would be on the fuel rail on the driver side under the plastic cover.
Thanks :wink:
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