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New factory wheels

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I have noticed some sweet 20" chrome wheels on newer vehicles from the factory . Does anyone know where I can see pictures and descriptions ? I want info to try to locate some take offs for my 01 Sub.

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If they are factory you should be able to find them here.[division_name]=Chevrolet&tx_gmshopb2b_pi1[vehicle_name]=Suburban&tx_gmshopb2b_pi1[year]=2008
I loved the look of the factory 20's and tires on the new sierra's. I bought mine with the factory 17"chrome and just order some aftermarket 20's and tires in the factory sizes. I saved almost half from ordering them through GM.
Yeah, I wouldn't bother ordering them new from GM. See if you can find them used locally or perhaps on ebay. Otherwise, aftermarket is the way to go.
20" wheels and tires for sale

ive got 07 suburban 20" wheels and tires for sale, tires have 4,000 miles on them, let me know if you want them, i want $1,000 for th eset

Are they chrome or polished ? Got photos ? [email protected]

they are polished with a factory clear coat, im on long island ny, my zip code is 11779, i could help out with shipping, i know alot of truckers.
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Awesome looking wheels . Thanks for the info but I really have my heart set on some chrome ones . At your asking price they will go quick.

Thank You. Eddie
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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