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Tow/haul light on dash 2000 TAHOE
Not sure what your asking for......did the Tow Haul Light just come-on by itself???......

EDIT:.....I'll add the Following,

If the Tow Haul is not Working Correctly, than this is most likely due to the Wire/s......There are Two Very Small Gauge Wires inside the Orange Sheathing(Pictured Below)Have Broke......These Wire/s run down the Shifter, down to the base of the Steering Column, This Issue with the Tow Haul Button I've mentioned, is a Common Problem on the 99" to 07 Trucks-n-SUV's...

The Picture below show where the Orange Sheathing, and where the Two Small Gauge Wires are Located for the Tow Haul Button.....that are Most Likely Causing the Tow Haul Light to Stay On, find the Break and a Simple Splicing of Wires should Fix this Problem.

Just some Insight, when asking for Advice and/or Help......Please Include as Much Information as you can to the Problem your Having with your Vehicle, as the More Infor. us a Better Shot at passing-on Advice and/or Help.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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