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new grill

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does any one know where i can get a new grill for my 97 hoe? I smoked a grouse the other day and it cracked mine.
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Ebay is a good bet. You can find stock grill shells or custom ones for very good prices. Good luck
Smoked a grouse huh? Is that some type of euphamism? :)

Ebay or wrecking yard. I've had good luck with the boneyards in the past for everything from Tailgates to engines that I have rebuilt.
a grouse is something like a wild chiken. for those who don't know. Luckily it wasnt a turkey. those bastards cause lotsa damage.
EBay is always the best place for me when trying to find replacement parts. You can also try pick-a part or any other salvage yard.
I guess I never thought about looking on eBay for stuff like that.
I've never heard about someone hitting a turkey in my life. :) That's funny. I grew up in the northwest and have heard and seen accidents where someone will hit a large deer or even an elk. That can be deadly becuase now you have a 500lb+ carcass hitting the windshield.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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