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First post.
2001 Tahoe, the whole COVID-can't-go anywhere thing made me stir crazy and want to take the rig we regularly dirt road camp with. And build it a little better for the type of thing I use it for.

So I think it needs a solid front axle, but not tons of lift. Just enough lift and tire size to be a good light duty dirt road overlander.

Here goes. . .

Want to run 285/70R17s
Want not too much height-like level plus 2"
Still want to keep it 6 lug
Still want to be able to run factory style wheels (i like the newer Silverado 17s)
Want to keep ABS
Want to keep factory T-case (wife likes the Auto 4wd function)
Want the same size brakes, or bigger
Want coil springs (putting leaf springs on the front of a car with coil rears seems backwards to me)
Want to use mostly junkyard/parts store parts (for readily available replacement parts)
The parts i do transplant i want to be from vehicles within 5 years or so age of my 2001
I Want the same amount of upward travel from ride height
I want the same amount (hopefully more) of downward travel from ride height
And lastly, i don't want it to take 2 months doing it after work in the driveway

I just don't want to take a modern-ish vehicle, and put 1950s tech all over it in the form of leaf springs, and manual transfer cases, and old non-abs axles that need old style wheels to clear the hubs. If that all makes sense.

I've been amassing parts and have started pulling the front end off a week ago.

Here goes, let's see on how many off my long list I'll end up compromising on.
I'll probably start a build thread at some point. Just gotta figure out the pic posting thing.
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