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NEW GUY from O-H-I-O!!

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Hey everyone hows it goin. Been lurkin around here a day or two checking out forum posts on the rough country leveling kit... thinking about getting one on my new truck.

I got my first truck in december of 2010. Its a 2006 Silverado regular cab w/t. its pretty bare except for some work that the previous owner put on it but I want to make it more of my own. Some of my plans are:

- LEVELING KIT!! Getting a leveling kit is a must. I cannot stand how lopsided my truck sits and I could never ride high enough. I would go with a suspension lift but due to financial reasons I just want it leveled. Can't afford the lift and the new tires I would need.

- I have these chrome pieces along the top of my tailgate. (see 3rd picture) I want them removed a.s.a.p but there is no paint and small holes underneath the pieces. I'm not sure how to do this though. The black tailgate lining strip (don't know what its called)that comes stock on silverado's might be an option but it might not really match my truck how it is somewhat chromed out.

- New grille. I just have a basic black grille right now, I like the chrome billet grilles but don't want to overdo it with the chrome. It's a truck, not a civic.

- Flowmaster 40 series exhaust. Although my truck is a slow,weak, 4.3L it doesn't mean that it shouldn't sound like a beast!!

- Backup camera and monitor. Would help me backing into tight spots and add some need pizazz to my interior.

I'm sure I'll think of more later. I'm getting married in November so unfortunately I can't spend all my hard earned cash on my truck! Gotta spend it on the ol' ball and chain! hahaha :rofl:


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Welcome to the club Buckeye!
welcome to the club, nice ride
Welcome to the G M T C !
Welcome to the club. Ball & chain? You're talkin about the truck....right? :)
Welcome to the site!
welcome to gmtruckclub
Welcome to the club.
Welcome aboard!
Welcome to the club nice ride there
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