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Well ive had 3 Ford rangers and traded the one i bagged for a 1997 chevrolet Silveraldo. so iam a complete noob to chevrolets. i want to mod it some more so thats why iam here!
1997 Chevy Silveraldo
5.7liter vortec v8
true dual with 2 flowmasters dumped before axel
hypertech performance chip
Transmission Shift Kit
K&N Air Filter
160 degree t-stat
20" wheels on 40series tires
5/7 drop
projector headlights
clear corners
and some other ****

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Welcome to the forum. Assuming all the normal maintenance has been done and the engine/trans are running well, there are plenty more mods to do. If you want to improve performance, the first thing I'd do is fix the intake. Right now it's pulling in more hot air than cold. You can find some nice aftermarket CAI setups that'll fix that right up for ya. Then ditch the Hypertech and go for a custom tune.

Beyond that, you're probably looking at getting into the engine, which I'd be hesitant to do with that many miles on the drivetrain. I would personally wait for a rebuild and then go crazy. But that should get ya started!
honestly iam satisfied with the performance..iam more looking for appearance and interior mods

iam used to the 4.0's that come in the ford rangers so this is like a major upgrade from what iam used
Very cool truck. Enjoy.

LOL at you are happy with the performance. You meant to say happy with the performance FOR NOW! The fun has just begun, wait until you program it and do minor bolt-ons like intake.

I had a great rare 98 Tahoe 2 door that I rang up 119K miles without a burp. Now my dad has it since I got the TB SS. So I still "borrow" it every now and again.

It's had some Boyds on it over the years, my dad still asks me to give him some "normal" rims and tires. LOL.

Enjoy your Chebby!!


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This is my favorite pic of the bunch. Good looking truck, nice background behind it too.
Welcome to the site :sign0016:
Nice looking truck :great:
Thats a really good looking truck you got there. Definitely a good start on it. I can show you some pics of my old 97 show truck if you'd like...maybe you can get some ideas from it.
sure guys iam open to modding ideas! i have some things planned for it but being a noob tochevys its going to take me a minute to learn this thing...what are some simple and cheap mods that are nice?
Well it really depends on your budget. Quick upgrades I see right off the top of my head are an aftermaket front bumper probably around $350 or so and add a chrome valence on the bottom (unless you're planning on going lower caue I ripped mine off every time.) I'd also paint the mirrors, window visors, and door handles to match the truck. Better yet, you could get some aftermarket mirrors and have them painted, it could give the truck a sleeker look. You can also get aftermarket antennas that are shorter and polished for a little details. Get some billet wipers, maybe a tonneau cover or snug top and match it to your paint. That can get up there, but I'm just slinging ideas at ya. They also have engine dress up kits that you can replace pretty much everything with billet parts that look really good. Check out, thats where I get a lot of my bolt on stuff.
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