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New Member..

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Hey yall,

I just wanted to introduce myself. I am 24 and recently decided to fix up my 03 Silverado that I have been having since 05. It was a graduation present and its been through alot. i will upload pictures soon. But I do need some advice.

Okay I put 5% tint. I just bought a new side mirror cause it was broken and new tail lights. I am looking forward to buying HID lights as well. It is currently in the body shop getting painted all black again and getting the dents fixed as well.

My question is...

Should I put side bars/side steps and if yes what width?

Cause i think this would be a good addition after i put on the grille gaurd.

Please help. Thanks.

Signing off,

JC Lopez
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Welcome to the club, JC. I would go with cab length step bars.
Welcome to the G M T C !
Welcome to the club. Me to on cab length... Have fun with your project......
Welcome aboard!
Welcome to the club JC. I don't really have an opinion on the side steps, but a big thumbs up on the black paint job. That's going to look good!!
welcome to the club, i like the GoRhino dominator III or N-fab style
welcome to the club, i like the GoRhino dominator III or N-fab style
X2 on those styles...

and Welcome to the Club!!!
Welcome to the club!
Welcome to the club! Great to see your fixing up your truck, can't wait to see some before and after pics. Cab length steps bars would look good on that truck. I would go with that. Although some people like to go full length ones for work purposes so it depends on what youll be doing more with it.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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