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New mods - am I crazy? Stealth Sub Project

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Ok so I have a two owner 97 GMC SLT burb that is about as close to mint as you can get for an 11 year old with almost 200k miles on it. :D

I bought the truck because it was a one owner, extremely well cared for truck (original driver seat with 198k has not even a crease in it if you can believe that) owned by a local repair shop owner (so he did a lot of maintenance on it). I also bought the truck knowing full well that for $3k +/- I can and probably will need to replace the engine at some point sooner than later (although the motor looks like it has 50k on it, always runs royal purple and does not burn or leak a drop).

Ok so with all that said, I just sunk another 5k in the truck on the following mods on my Stealth Sub Project:

1. Skyjacker 6" lift kit
2. Upgraded brushed aluminum billstein shocks
3. Westin Bull Bar (Black)
4. Westin Nerf Bars (Black)
5. Compustar remote start
6. PIAA 650s (2)
7. New Black Grill
8. Set of 18" Black KMC Rockstar Wheels
9. Set of 35" Nitto Dune Grapplers
10. Magnaflow Cat Forward
11. Flowmaster Cat Back
12. Various minor stuff like blacking out lights, logos etc

So after all of this and knowing that I will need to drop a motor at some point, am i crazy? I just love the truck and am not a huge fan of the 2000+ year models (although they are nice, they dont compell me to buy).

I get the truck back Friday and will be sure to post some pics!
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wow if had the money I don't know that I would do much different than you did. I agree I like the older body styles better too, and I don't think that you're crazy sinking money into it even with those high miles. My 94 suburban has 230k on it and still runs fine. I'm looking forward to the pics. :great:
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