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New Suburban Owner [Expired Topic]

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I just joined the club of Suburban owners...

Brought a 1993 C1500 Suburban home tonight. It is 2WD with the 350 V8 and has just under 70k on it. All it seems to need is a new paint job (gotta love early 90s GM paint) and possibly some brakes, but other than that, it's all good. Engine pulls very nicely and tranny shifts smoothly. Seems like it will prove to be well worth the 2k I paid for it.

I guess my only gripe is the lack of armrest (it has the front bench seat) but other than that, I'm thrilled with it.

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RE: New Suburban Owner

I have a 94 with the armrests and an 86 with the bench.

They both have their advantages.

Bench allows 3 and even 4 in the front seat when you have the back seats down for full sheets of ply in there.

Arm rests give more of a living room feel for those long trips. I just hate that they are leather.
Yeah, I like the arm rest too. But at $2K it sounds like you got a lot of truck for the $$$ with that low of miles.

You can always go to a bone yard and see what they have. If you really want the arm rests, or and I hate to say this, but check Ebay.
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