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New tires, would like to regear to compensate

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I have a 2010 silverado 1500 with the 5.3L and the 6 speed, and the 3.08 gear. I have recently added a lift and tires and obviously truck no longer has the grunt off the line like it did. I know I need to change gear to fix this small issue, I would like to know which gears would be ideal for the new tires and still keep my mileage from falling thru the floor. I had the 265/65/18 tires stock, and now I am running a 305/65R18 almost exactly 2 inches taller, I know I will not get it exactly like it was but I was considering a going to 3.73's. Will they fir with my current carrier in my front diff? The rear diff should be fine. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
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I have 4.10's with 34.5" tire and at 60mph I'm turning 1,900 rpm's. My tach says 2,100 but may scanner says 1,900 rpm's . I go with the scanner because every factory tach is like a factory speedo, there off a little.

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I would go with the 3.73 for MPG's or the 4.10's for a little more power off the line.
As I've mentioned before on this site I don't like any gear more than a 4.56 in a 1/2ton axle. Because the axle housing is small the ring & pinion have to be small so the when you machine more teeth on the ring & pinion the teeth are thinner in order to get all the gear teeth so when you go over 4.56 the teeth are getting thin. Go with 4.56's.
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