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New tires, would like to regear to compensate

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I have a 2010 silverado 1500 with the 5.3L and the 6 speed, and the 3.08 gear. I have recently added a lift and tires and obviously truck no longer has the grunt off the line like it did. I know I need to change gear to fix this small issue, I would like to know which gears would be ideal for the new tires and still keep my mileage from falling thru the floor. I had the 265/65/18 tires stock, and now I am running a 305/65R18 almost exactly 2 inches taller, I know I will not get it exactly like it was but I was considering a going to 3.73's. Will they fir with my current carrier in my front diff? The rear diff should be fine. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
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I thinking about regearing and i was looking at the Gear Ratio Chart. I see that with me upgrading to 35's soon next year a 4.56 would bring it back to factory ratio and 4.88 and 5.13 have more power gains. I do drive on interstate a bit and wonder if the rpm's would be up too high for running 35/12.50/R20 20x12 rims along with 4.88's or 5.13's? I assume the 5.13's are too much for highway purposes and think the 4.56's and 4.88's would be better..?
Oh okay thanks for letting me know had no clue. I found 4.56 gears for front/rear for around $440 which i guess isn't that bad. I would rather me and my buddy install them i want be paying labor for this! How hard is the install and how long will it take for both front/rear?

I also will buy the Maghytec cover for my rear diff. when i buy the gear's. I plan on buying gears and cover first then buy new tires and rims along with my body lift!:happy:
Driving in 6th on the interstate he will be fine, but city is a different story. The final drive ratios in the 6 spd are a good bit higher numerically. 3.73's in a 6spd in 1st gear is like having 4.88's in a 4 spd. Rockstar, I certainly wouldn't attempt a gear install unless you/your friend are well versed. Gears are very tricky business and can easily fail and whine if not setup perfectly.
Yeah me and my buddy have it he works at the Gm dealership he's a mechanice he knows just about everything about the nnbs silverado ha!
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