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New Tires??!

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All right now that the burb is on the road, I need to throw more money at it. I want to get new tires. I have 2 255 70 R16's that are American Prospector A/T's. It was 300 for two and at the time I just needed two for the rear of my 2 wheel GMC pick up. Is it worth getting two more of these for that price or does anyone know of any GOOD semi-aggressive tires that I could get 4 for between 300 and 500? If it is possible I would like to get larger than 255. A friend of mine's dad has 285 70 R16's on his stock suburban with no rub??
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well, i changed my mind. Saturday im getting General Grabber AT2's 265 70 r16 and they're goin on. Has anyone else used these tires? I've heard all good reviews and they aren't that expensive.:neutral:
My uncle's opinion on Generals is that they aren't a really good tire in general. I don't have any specific knowledge about the model of tires you want to get, but my advice would be to stick with one of the major brands (micheline, goodyear, bridgestone/firestone, etc). Personally, I like Michelins the best because they are made of a softer rubber, and therefore give a smoother ride. I'm running Michelin LTX M/S on my burb, nice tread pattern, and nicew soft ride. However, if you're looking to do some serious mudding, my advice may be null.
I have had a couple sets of General a/t tires. I have a set of road tire on my Cavalier and I've decently happy with them. The road noise is pretty good and they give a good ride. I forget what I paid for them, but I was fairly happy overall. I also had some on a couple of previous vehicles, but I forget exactly which ones on the top of my head.
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