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:sign0016: A couple of things to check:
1. Coolant sensor. This is the sensor that tells the PCM the onboard computer how cold it is and in turn the computer tells the injectors adjust the air/fuel ratio. It has a 2 wire connector and is located in the intake manifold near the thermostat housing. Test it, while the enging is cold, by unplugging the connector to simulate a cold conditon and the computer will tell the system to go full rich. If it starts up, buy a coolant sensor.
2. Fuel pressure. Can be the pressure regulator or the fuel pump. You need to test the fuel pressure. If you don't have the tool for this, have your mechanic check the pressure for you.

I hope this helps, come back for more help or to share your experience.

P.S. Is it throwing any DTC codes?
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