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new to forum 2000 silverado

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Got a 2000 Silverado Z71 short box regular cab dark blue with the 4.8. It has a lot of miles 215,000+ but seems to be doing good. Got a great deal on it and it and I needed a truck.

-It shifts clunky but nothing outragous for the miles. Added some Lucas tras treatment with little results.
-The tow/overdrive off button on the shifter no longer works.
-It doesn't like to start on cold days. It turns over freely but doesn't want to start. During warm weather it starts perfectly. Battery checked out ok at autozone.

work done,
- new plugs and wires
- all fluids changed to include
- oil every 3,00 miles
- transmission flush
- both differential fluid change
- coolant flush
- Intake cleaning service at local lube shop
- I cleaned out the throttle body with cleaner and a toothbrush

- Volant CAI
- Magnaflow dual exhast
- Predator tuner
- fix current issues

I also own a 2006 GTO. It is a fair weather toy/DD. I have a PCV catch can, Billet performance shifter, Predator tuner and some other little mods like blacking out the Pontiac emblems and Royal Purple in trans and dif.
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Did you ever find out why it wouldn't start on cold days, I'm having the same problem with my 99 tahoe.
Welcome to he site. I'm prety new myself but can't get enough of it. More information than any one person can stand. Any issues I'm sure you'll find here. If not someone will point you in the right direction.
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