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I just picked up an 04 2500hd 4L80.0 last week and I had some questions and such since upgrading to it from my 5.3. To start about 15 months ago the original camshaft was replaced with an aftermarket one, but the owner never had it tuned so it doesn’t have the smoothest idle and it gets 9mpg hwy with no trailer as well. It has also stalled twice while going in reverse at low speeds, which I would assume is the cams fault. I was told that it was apparently because the battery had been unplugged for so long that it had to relearn the proper fuel mix which caused the stalls. I’m planning on getting it tuned in two weeks, but I’d rather have an oem camshaft in it. Would I need to take off the front end of the truck to get it out or could I get them out without doing that?

On the interstate the truck runs at 2500 rpm’s on the tachometer while going 77mph, which is 500rpm’s higher than my other Chevy goes. Is that normal for the truck to do that or is it because of the aftermarket cam?

Another thing that’s being happening that my other truck didn’t have is the ABS light comes on at random times. Sometimes it’ll come on once I start it and stay on, but then it won’t show up when I crank up the truck a few minutes from then. Is it actually something with the abs or is it just electrical.
Any other tid bits I should look out for on these kinds of trucks would be helpful, thanks
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