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well a few days ago i picked up my new truck, a 92 silverado, had some paint peeling on the hood and a tiny bit of body rust, but rest of the truck is solid "like a rock" and i really like it, i come froma dodge family and i still like dodge but i work with a bunch of chevy guys and they swear by them and i was looking for a truck and i found this one sitting in a dealer with 122k miles, new radiator, new seals, ext cab, bed liner, wired for trailer brakes, and it was in my price range so i jumped on it before the other couple of guys that were looking at it could. for every vehicle iv owned i have been big on forums becuz there are alot of people with alot of good info about there vehicles so not suprising that im here. i checked around a few other chevy forums and liked this one the best! my name is cory and look forward to meeting all of you
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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