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We're going to be working with a new vendor on GMTC, it's Auto Worx of Texas.

A Select Group Of Aftermarket Products ~ at a discount
I actually know the guys who run this shop, so I said how would you like to sponsor this website and they said right on! So we're working out a deal to offer specials and group buys on a select products. We're going to start with HID lights first and then maybe work onto some stuff like lifts and leveling kits ... really whatever anyone wants.

Coming Soon
- HID Lights Specials & Group Buys
- Performance Exhaust Deals?
- Lifts & Leveling Kits?
- Wheels & Tires?
- They do installation too ... you can get a discount in the shop here as well if you're a GMTC member.

The GMTC Rep is Joe McCullough and you can email him if you're looking for any accessories or stuff for your truck.

AutoWorx | | 817-466-9942 | websales (at)
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