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Newbie - 2008 Silverado 4x4

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I was up in Alaska so I sold my 2003 2wd Silverado and bought my new truck. I love it, never go back to a 2wd again. I'm in Afghanistan now, plan on throwing some 285/70-17 Nitto Terra Grapplers on it right when I get back. Any recommendations on a cat back exhaust system?
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I've always heard good things about Magnaflow. I'll probably look into that, thanks.
Hey jbjohnson92f, good looking truck. I'm glad you have that pic up. My truck is the same color, I have the same leveling kit, and I plan on getting the same size tires so it was nice to pretty much see how my truck is going to look. How do you like the Falken's? I'm pretty dead set on getting the Nitto Terra Grapplers but I'm keeping my mind open.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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