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newbie from maryland (1999 chevy suburban issues)

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ok.......i was driving home a couple of days ago and my 1999 chevy suburban shut off while i was towing my uncle's s10 home. I tried to restart it but nothing.......i replaced the fuel pump in the housing with one from the junkyard.tested it and it worked but the truck still didn't start.........i have spark/fire but it just spins over....can someone help? by the way the s10 i was towing was a 1996 that starts up but when its put in gear it shuts off......can i get some help with that one a well?
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Welcome to the club. Did you change the fuel filter on the 'burb and also check the fuel pressure. A little more info on both trucks would help. Is the 'burb a 1/2 or 3/4 ton, what motor. What motor in the s-10 and is it a automatic?
welcome to the club
Welcome to the G M T C !
Welcome to the club... X2 on STBs post, need more info
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