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Kept on looking over this site and thought its time to join. Been a desiel mechanic for 35 years and owned a older GMC 2500 for a number of years. Then had kids and bought the usual Chevy Uplander (family van). Kids are older now and I'm retired and out golfing. A close friend of mine passed away and I bought his truck that I used to work on for him. Its a 2003 Chevy Silverado LT z71. Beautiful truck with only 23,000 klms on it. I've been driving it this week and found the steeering shaft vibrates when making a slow turn. I looked up GMC recalls and seen the its a two piece shaft. Why would they put in a two piece steering shaft? Anyway I see that the fix is that they install a grease fitting to grease the shaft. Is there any other fixes available out there, or is there any one piece after market shafts for sale. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Gary
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