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This was last may when we went to the old 1/4 mile track they reopened

Just wanted to see what it would do before the turbo goodness starts happening.

First pass was a wicked [email protected] 2.3 60'!!
That was with the LQ4, 215/215 .566/.566 114lsa cam, Stock 4L80E and stock 80E torque converter.
Haha. Lil slower than i was expecting but oh well.

2nd pass was on a 75 shot.
The kit come on just a lil before i was ready so there was quite a bunch of tire spinage. [email protected] 2.6 60'

Decided to try spraying it bout at the 60'.
[email protected] 2.28 60'

Remembered that i had pulled a trailer last week and let my tire pressure down from 45 to 28 :D
Turned the ranchos down to 0 and put 20# air in the helper bags.

Scan looked good so i pulled 2* timing out and went to a 125 shot.
[email protected] 2.1 60'
Hot lap it and ran a [email protected] 2.06 60'

Swapped the nitrous jet out from a .057 to a .062 since it was rich. So now on the 150 shot it did a [email protected] 2.05
I sprayed at 5mph and it hooked, so had to try it again.
[email protected] 2.05

Not to shabby considering i was on 265/65/17 hankook dynapro ATs that were less than 40% tread.
Now its turbo time!
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