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No fire, no spark

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Hi guys,
I have a 95 with a 5.7. At one point I had no fire or dash lights at start. I changed the ignition switch and now have lights and fire. I put in a new fuel pump and relay and she started and ran all day. Put in a new ICM as well. Now I get no fuel and the pump isn't priming. Any ideas ?
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I put a test light on the power tab and keyed the ignition to on. It lit up for 10 seconds and went out just like it should.
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How's the wiring look in general, cables from battery look good?both sides
All looks good.
I will check that when I get home. It did this another time and I waited a day and she started. It wasn't as cold the day that it started, if that has anything to do with it.
Connection looks good from the outside. Maybe just a little loose but not bad.
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And follow the ground back from pump,on the intake?any one you see, loosen and retighten,or the old test,swat the gas tank,pump or connection in tank
I checked all grounds when I was not getting fire. They are all good. I will have to check pump grounds when I get home.
Brace yourself for going back in the tank,what brand pump did you use?
I used a Carter pump. I cut an access panel in the bed so getting to the pump is not a big deal. It did this with the old pump as well though.
also if you cant get the truck started try taping it securley. mine would shut off from the vibration of the truck engine running. it was very sensitive
I'll give it a shot and see if it works. Thanks
Cleaned up the ground coming off the pump. Then took the new pump back out and hooked it straight to power and it worked. Checked voltage going to the connection at the pump and was getting around 12 volts. I'm at my wit's end with this problem.
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