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No fire, no spark

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Hi guys,
I have a 95 with a 5.7. At one point I had no fire or dash lights at start. I changed the ignition switch and now have lights and fire. I put in a new fuel pump and relay and she started and ran all day. Put in a new ICM as well. Now I get no fuel and the pump isn't priming. Any ideas ?
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Connection looks good from the outside. Maybe just a little loose but not bad.
i had a loose fuel pump relay on mine and it confused me for a while. if the truck doesent start go tap on it. if it starts then while its running tap on it again. if the truck shutters or stalls then you know where your issue is. its just a bad connection if thats the case.
also if you cant get the truck started try taping it securley. mine would shut off from the vibration of the truck engine running. it was very sensitive
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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