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Hello guys. I am new here....

Okay i will try my best describe this problem. I have a 1998 GMC Suburban with the 5.7L SLT and its all stock with 163K miles.

I am somewhat mechanically inclined, but only on like early 90s on
It actually sounds like the timing is really off. It will sit there and turn over fast for a couple of seconds, then real slow as if the starter is drawing to many amps or something. I even put my jumper box on it, just to be sure it had plenty of battery power, but still does the exact same thing. Funny thing is, that whenever it does turn over fast for like 2 solid seconds, it still doesn't start. I even tried to make sure it was getting fuel, by spraying starting fluid, and it didn't make a difference either........

I have had some people say it could be a cam sensor, or crank sensor...But, if that were true, then wouldn't it still turn over fast the whole time?

Thanx in advance.....

I'm just trying to avoid a 100.00 tow bill if

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Ignition module.

They can do the darndest things.

If you have a distributor, it is under the cap.

If you don’t it is under the coil pack. Ether one can be tested by your local parts stores for you. Mine for our 94 was 50 bucks.
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