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Noise in steering column when turning

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I have an 04 4wd suburban and when turning the steering wheel left, even the smallest amount when driving, it sounds like there is a clunking sound coming from down inside the steering column. I read the post by jjrho about his problem but that has to do more with his front suspension and not the steering column/shaft. You can even feel it clunking a little bit too but like I say it is only when you are turning left. Anyone else have this problem with their burb? I was told by my local GM dealer that the steering shaft may need to be lubricated but it goes in to get looked at on Wed. Thanks

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Your dealer is right. every G.M. vehicle built from about '99 to present is affected by this at some point. the intermediate steering shaft makes a clunk/ pop noise while turning. G.M.'s fix is to lubricate the shaft, which takes care of the noise for a while, but will eventually return. Replacing the shaft lasts a little longer, but will still make noise. You can fix this at home by removing the intermediate shaft ( one end is inside the cab and the other end is real close to # 5 cylinder), be very careful not to rotate the steering wheel with this disconnected as that will destroy the SIR coil for your airbag!!!! Squeeze some grease into the open end of the steering shaft, then plug that end and work the 2 halves up and down until grease comes out the splined area. Then reinstall. When you first remove the steering shaft, try to twist the 2 halves and feel for looseness, there will most likely be none, but if there is any play in it, replace it.
my 04 burb has the same problem. I was wondering how the dealer resolved this. Did they charge you?
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