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Noise of running water [Expired Topic]

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Every time I stop and accelerate I hear water running but I have no idea where to look.
Does anyone have a similar problem?
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Check your coolant level. This usually happens when the level is low. The sound is coming from your heater core. When you accellerate, you're forcing water through the system, and into the heater core.
Did you ever figure out what this was? Do you happen to drive next to rivers or creeks often? :)
I lost a heater core on an old mustang that I had. I heard water running, and eventually I figured out that it was the heater core. I just re-routed it until the winter and then replaced it with a wrecking yard unit.
Guess who was right? Yes Traileadr. :)
The cooling level was too low.
That’s the reason the water was running in and out of the heater core.
Nice extra feature :roll:
Had this problem with a 4.3 Chevy work truck I had... Every time I heard it, it made me have to pee! :roll: Keep an eye on your temp gauge, if it starts to get hot, pull over and shut it down. Was the coolant level just low, or do you have a leak? These trucks have a bit of a tendency to have the rear intake manifold gasket go out, and you may not realize there is an issue until it's too late.
I have two leaks :shock:
A leak in the radiator and a rusted freeze plug.
I ordered the radiator today; it will cost me 260 Euro about $300
Sorry about your water leaks. $300 for a radiator isn't too bad actually. Hope that project goes well.
Rusted freeze plug sucks... I replaced all of the freeze plugs on a 72 pontiac I had. That is a job I hope I never have to do again.
There is no way to replace the freeze plug without removing the engine. :(
Today I removed the front of the Suburban so I can easier access the engine.
But when I removed the AC radiator the connection plug broke of
So I need a new AC radiator. :evil:

I will post some pictures of the progress.
Yeah, sorry about the troubles. I guess it's harder being in a location where parts are a bit harder to come by too.
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